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Yes, school holidays had just started, and we make our 1st plan to bring the kids to the place which me and en.somi haven't been there for so many year. Nuthin much changes but today they organizing a coffin exibit and a Sales Carnival due to school break. Of course you have to pay for the featured exhibit which cost you RM2 for adult and free admission for kids. And also an extra charges of RM3 if you want to take a pic or video.  When we go through the entrance, we can see how they buried a body in the past till now. Its a bit creepy so i canceled my intention to take picture huhu.... After the trip to the museum, we headed to Subang Jaya for late lunch at Nasik Kandar Penang aka well best known as nasik candu :P  nearby my old office...superbbbb...

Opening hour:   Everyday - from 9.00am to 6.00pm
Admission Fee: RM2 for Adult
                          Free for children below 12 years and students in uniform

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